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Data is   Everything

We are grateful that you stopped by the ACE TEST HOUSE website. We are dedicated to protecting our visitors' privacy. When you visit our website, we don't get any personal information about you unless you voluntarily give it to us.

The following describes how we manage data regarding your visit to our website.

Cookies: We utilize technology to track new and repeat visitors' activities on the website in order to provide them with better service. The term "cookies" is frequently used to describe these little files. There is no personally identifiable information in our cookies. Our web measurement tools analyze the collective behavior of both new and returning users to help us spot patterns and work flows on our website as well as troubleshoot typical issues.


Information gathered and kept automatically: We will automatically collect and store certain information about your visit even if all you do is browse the website, read pages, or download content. You are not personally identified by this information. We automatically gather and preserve the following data about your visit:

the domain name on the internet;
The IP address that your computer automatically assigns to itself when you browse the internet, and which you use to access our website;

the kind of browser and OS that were utilized to visit our website;


We use this data to track the amount of visitors to our site, the kinds of technology they use, and how we may improve the usability of our website for them. We don't keep track of or log visitor information about specific people.


Information you freely provide: Unless you specifically request it, we do not gather personally identifiable information about you. We utilize personally identifiable information you give us—for instance, through email correspondence or form completion and submission on our website—to reply to your messages and assist us in fulfilling your requests for information and services. The web page that houses the form describes every use of that data.


By voluntarily providing information, you agree that it will be used for the intended purpose. You voluntarily consent to the use of the information you provide for the purposes specified when you click the "submit" button on any of the web forms available on our sites.


How information is used: We utilize the information we gather for a number of reasons, such as ordering supplies, registering you for conferences, and answering information requests. When information is gathered, we try our best to make it obvious how it will be used so you may decide if you want to submit it or not.

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