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Rebound Hammer Testing in delhi

Timber and Wood Products Testing Lab

Wood and timber material undergo simple tension, compression, and flexural testing to work out their suitability for a particular application. The laboratory has a complete in house facility to execute various jobs associated with wood & wood products.

Wood is an effective staple and its widely utilized in furniture, packaging & construction. to make sure the standard of wood our laboratory provides quality checks facilities.

The Parameters we perform For Wood Testing are :

  • For Plywood: Dimensions Glue shear, Water resistance, Moisture, Adhesion of plies.

  • For Timber Moisture: Density, Nail holding, Screw holding, Tensile strength.

  • For Door shutter: Dimension, Knife test, End immersion, Glue adhesion, Moisture, Squareness, Flatness, Planeness test, Impact indentation, Flexure test, Edge loading test, Shock resistance test, Buckling test, Slamming test, Misuse test, Screw withdrawal strength.

  • For Block Board: Dimension, Knife test, End immersion, Glue adhesion, Moisture, Squareness, Flatness, Planeness test, Impact indentation, Flexure test, Edge loading test, Shock resistance test, Buckling test, Slamming test, Misuse test, Screw withdrawal strength.

  • For Particle/Bound/Pre-laminated particleboard: Resistance to steam, Dimension, Water absorption, Resistance to Crack, Density, Swelling in water, Adhesion of plies, Moisture, Resistance to stains, Resistance to water, Tensile strength, Screw withdrawal strength, Resistance to Cigarette burn, Modulus of rupture, Tensile strength perpendicular to the surface, Tensile strength perpendicular to surface after ageing, Abrasion resistance, Dimension, Density & density variation, Strength, Swelling due to surface absorption.


Here at Ace Test House Laboratory a wood testing lab in Delhi. we offer numerous testing such as Timber, Plywood testing, Particleboard testing, Pre laminated Board, Door Shutter, Block Board testing, softwood, and engineered wood, fiberboard, MDF.

Technical Details of Wood Testing

Being a significant raw material, wood is used to make furniture, packaging materials to pack heavy objects, and is likewise extensively used in construction activities. Our wooden testing lab guarantees that our client will acquire top-notch wooden testing services with the intended end result and timely delivery of reports.


  • Modulus of rupture: Modulus of rupture is the maximum load-wearing capability of a wooden sample. It is commonly used in tests of bending strength to quantify the stress required to cause breakage. It is stated in units of psi (per square inch).

  • Modulus of elasticity: This check allows in determining the flexural stiffness and modulus of elasticity houses of wooden-primarily based totally materials through nondestructive testing using transverse vibration withinside the vertical direction.

  • Internal bond strength: The motive of this test is to design a compression shear device for smooth and fast measurement of the bond shear strength of wooden-based materials.

  • Moisture Content Test: This test allows in determining the moisture content (MC) of solid wood, veneer, and other timber-primarily based totally substances, together with those who incorporate adhesives and chemical additives.

  • Density Test: Analyzing tree density can serve fantastic ecological and medical functions. These tools are smooth to understand and dispose of the chance of harm accomplished to tree specimens.


  • Bending Strength Test: In bending, it is assumed that wooden is linearly elastic for low values of strain, i.e., the strain and stress are proportional to each other and the output on the strain-stress curve is either an elastic or straight-line plot.


  • Compression Strength Test: The Box Compression Test (BCT) measures the compressive strength of containers manufactured from corrugated fiberboard in addition to timber containers and crates. It gives a plot of deformation as opposed to compressive force. Containers apart from boxes also can be subjected to compression testing such as drum, bucket, etc.

  • Wood-based Panels Test: This check facilitates figuring out the structural panels of uniform properties within a panel. It is beneficial for comparing plywood of clear, straight-grained veneers, and figuring out the impact of chemical or preservative treatments, construction, most important course with recognize to the course of strain, and other variables which might be expected to uniformly affect the panel.


  • Absorbability Test: This test allows in figuring out the amount of water absorbed at a specific time through the surface of an overlaid wooden-based panel. The test approach measures the rate of water weight gain within a managed surface vicinity of the overlaid panel surface when exposed to standing water.


  • Thickness Swelling Test:

This check allows in the knowledge of the effect of humidity, temperature, and ambient surroundings on the hygroscopic thickness swelling rate of wood fiber and timber fiberboard. To measure the swelling charge, a model mentioning the thickness of composites uncovered to water vapor situations has been developed.


  • Screw Holding Ability Test: The capacity to maintain screws in each face and edge is an essential characteristic of timber.


  • Dimensions Stability Test: Dimensional Stability is measured by noting the length, width, and thickness of the test portions after conditioning to regular mass at 35% RH, 25°C and after conditioning at 85% RH, and 25°C. The dimensional stability is expressed due to the sum of the proportion adjustments in each size amongst those limits.


  • Wood Quality Test: This check facilitates in figuring out the first-class of wooden. The form of wooden this is used has a number of bearing at the lifespan of any furniture. It can be fabricated from hardwood, softwood, or engineered wooden.

  • Impact of a Soft Body: To make certain that cladding panels aren't and the undue chance of failure from traditional impacts they need to be tested for each tough and tender body impact resistance which is appropriate by British Standards.

  • Indentation Resistance Test: Indentation hardness checks are used to decide the hardness of a material to deformation.

 Flush Door Shutter Test: Flush Door Shutters mean forming a continuous surface. It ‘flushes’ or ‘blends’ with the wall and adorns a glance of longevity to the wall. Flush doors are the most economical preference of builders due to the fact of their durability, dimensional accuracy, in addition to freedom from warps & delamination while subjected to atmospheric changes.

The wooden products that are used at large level in any premises or even for any project need a quality check and a process to ensure their durable life and stability. If you stay in touch with a certified wood products testing lab in Delhi, you will get accurate reports and the right solutions for testing that covers a varied points:

•    Compression
•    Flexure 
•    Tension
•    Torsion
•    Sheer Testing 


It is done on full sized wood specimen. Timber boards are also tested by following all international standards for quality. 

Wood and timber materials are required to undergo the aforementioned testing process to determine the suitability for a specific application. The wood material is placed into a universal testing machine and loaded in a manner that pulls the sample apart – resulting in the sample failing in tension. 

Wood product testing lab in Delhi provides you with accurate reports with all details and a valid certificate. 
If you are looking for the such wood testing at a world-class lab, you have come at the right place – ACE Test House, a one stop reliable name in this domain providing you with complete peace of mind thorough reports that are accurate. 

We have in-house team of dedicated professionals, who leave no stone unturned in solving your queries related to all tests. Make a contact as per your requirement and leave rest of the work on experts working here. 


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